Bulk Density Test

Vibrating Table



                          ASTM C 29, AASHTO T19

Using for determining bulk density fine, coarse, or mix aggregate.

This set consist of :
AT42-110          Vibrating Table                                                  1 set

                        Speed up to 3.600 rpm, complete with control speed.  Table size 500 x 500 mm.                                   220 V AC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase.

AT42-120          Bulk Density 3 litres cap.                                   1 pc

AT42-130          Bulk Density 10 litres cap.                                 1 pc

AT42-140          Bulk Density 15 litres cap.                                 1 pc

AT42-150          Bulk Density 30 litres cap.                                 1 pc

Weight approx 110 kg

Optional accessories :

GL92-240          Platform Scale,50 kg cap. 5 g sens.                1 pc

GL97-180/02    Scoop, Aluminium casting                               1 pc

GL97-150/02    Straight Edge, 400 mm length                          1 pc

GL97-120/04    Rubber Mallet                                                 1 pc

GL97-160/02    Tamping Rod,round end,600mm length             1 pc

Price : Contact us


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