Length Comparator




                     ASTM C 490

 This very sensitive instrument is used to measure the length variation of 25 x 25 x 250 mm, cement specimen in Autoclave soundness test. It can also be used to measure linear shrinkage of specimen 40 x 40 x 160 mm, 70 x 70 x 280 mm, 50 x 50 x 250 mm and 80 x 80 x 240 mm. The unit comprised a steel frame with an adjustable height beam fitted with a dial gauge 5 mm travel x 0.001 mm division. Supplied without reference bar.

Weight approx 10 kg

 CM23-110        REFERENCE BAR

For use with Length Comparator, sample size 25 x 25 x 250 mm to ASTM Standard

Price : Contact us


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