Sand Equivalent Test





ASTM D 2419, AASHTO T 176

The Sand Equivalent test was originally developed by the California Division of Highways to determine the relative proportion to determine the fine dust or clay-like material in soil or fine aggregates. The test can be made both in the field and laboratory.

This set consist of :

AT28-110       Sand Equivalent Jar                              2 pcs

                     Made of transparent fibber glass, 1¼” ID, 1½” OD, 17” height.

AT28-120       Stopper Assembly                                 1 set

                     Consist of rubber stopper, irrigation tube, hose and syphon.

AT28-130       Weight Foot Assembly                           1 set

                     Machined steel, galvanized, 1000 gr of weight, sand reading indicator.

AT28-140       Stock Solution                                       1 L

                     Calcium Chloride, Glycerin and Formaldehyde Solution.

AT28-150       Carrying Case                                        1 pc

                     Wooden carrying case

GL96-100/01  Moisture cans, 60 g capacity.                 2 pcs

GL94-100/02  Funnel                                                   1 pc

Weight approx. 20 kg


Optional accessories :

AT20-100/19   Sieve No. 4                                            1 pc

AT20-100/48   Pan and Cover                                       1 pc

GL97-230/01  Gloves                                                   1 pc

GL90-140/01  Stopwatch


Price : Contact us

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