Lightweight Dinamic Penetrometer




DIN 4049

This penetrometer is used to establish the thickness of different strata, when testing compaction works and to determine the relative density of fills and naturally deposits on cohesive soils. In general if the ground is not to compact, penetration test with the Lightweight Penetrometer can be carried out to depth of about 8 to 12 meters.

This set consist of :

SL20-110       Drop Rammer                                        1 pc

                     Weight 10 kg with handles, 50 mm fail

SL20-120       Anvil                                                      1 pc

SL20-130       Guiding Rod                                           1 pc

                      22 mm dia x 1 m length

SL20-140       Sounding Rod                                         11 pcs

                      22 mm dia x 1 m length c/w threaded collar. Percussion head with handless

SL20-150       Grooved Rod                                           1 pc

SL20-160       DrivePoint                                               1 pc

                     90.5 cm² surface, 24.2 mm dia

SL20-170       DrivePoint                                               1 pc

                    90.10 cm² surface, 35.6 mm dia

SL20-180       Threaded Nipple                                      1 pc

SL20-190       Base Plate                                              1 pc

SL20-200       Lifting Device                                          1 pc

SL20-210       Carrying Case                                         1 pc

Weight approx 72 kg

Price : Contact us

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