Windsor Probe




CT59-134         THE WINDSOR PROBE

                     ASTM C 803

User friendly breech lock virtually eliminates recoil. Safe pressure ring prevents accidental discharges. Fast and constant to use. Determines the developing strength of maturing concrete, improves safety, ensures quality and reduces cost. Monitor the strength of mature concrete as it ages to determine the need for maintenance and restoration. Conform to ASTM C 803, ASTM C 670. TheWindsorsystem does not require great skill use and consistent result can be obtained by construction site supervisor staff or field technicians. Among the user contractors, engineers architects, laboratory ready mix, concrete procedure government authorities, etc. This system has widely used in testing concrete in-situ, on conventionally placed, sprayed or precast concrete, on horizontal or vertical slabs, on floors or overhead, on fresh mature concrete. This system is safe to use. The operated can not be discharge unless it is fully depressed with some force against the special seating on the template which rest against the surf ace being examined.

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CT59-134/01   Silver Probes, pack of 75 pcs

CT59-134/02   Gold Probes, pack of 75 pcs

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